Can You Still Save A Failed Relationship?

how to save your marriage - customWhen is a relationship considered a “failed relationship”? It is only when one party has given up all hopes of rekindling the old flame. You can have one person many all kinds of attempts to make the relationship work but if the other party refuses to reciprocate, it is almost impossible to have a reconciliation happening. Therefore, if you want to save your marriage, both of you have to be willing to work hand-in-hand. Continue reading

How To Use Emotional Intelligence To Save Your Relationship

how to save your marriageSustaining a successful relationship is not a walk in the park because of the many complex emotions that are involved. Lives have been ruined, and years wasted because of bad relationships; all this happens because those involved fail miserably to understand their emotions and how to effectively deal with them. If you are currently in a relationship that almost seems doomed, then a lesson in emotional intelligence might be necessary. Understanding emotions will not only save relationship but also enable it to blossom to a level you never thought possible. Continue reading